About Box Gutters

A Box Gutter is typically located between two roofs that feed rainwater into it. A good Box Gutter design will have falls along the length of the box gutter, sumps to collect water before it is fed into large downpipes. There will also be an overflow facility on the side or the end of the box gutter – so that water will overflow outside the building, rather than flood into the roof space.

Box gutters can be made of Colorbond, Zincalume or even Copper if required. Box gutters get a lot of leaves and debris and these together with rainwater can shorten its lifespan of the Box Gutter

Think about the installation process as generally speaking, the box gutter will need replacement a lot sooner than the roof. Box Gutter replacement can be quite expensive and take time because it usually involves removal of the roof sheeting that overhang it.

If the box gutter was originally installed before the roof – the roof will have to be removed to get to the old box gutter and to allow the new box gutter to be installed.

With flat roofs, complex roofs, parapet walls and other building features, rainwater does not always drain out directly to the external edge of the roof. In these instances, box gutters are the only real option. So, if your roof is not a conventional one,  then you may well have a box gutter somewhere on your roof set up.

Long term, It will pay dividends to have your box gutters maintained and regularly cleaned out  simply because a box gutter leak has much higher consequences than the leak on an eaves gutter for example.

 At Flashings Melbourne, we can make up a custom box gutter for you that suits your job or project ideally. The best way to for us to see exactly what you need is for you download and complete our custom flashing form HERE.  if you can scan/photo your form & email it to us at: enquiries@flashingsmelbourne.com.au